manufacturer benefits

There are many benefits to working with a

team of experts that can help execute a

sound MPS strategy for a manufacturer.


  • Expedited aging fleet replacement
  • Standardization on one manufacturer
  • Lock in on supplies revenue
  • Predictable ROI on MPS investments
  • Monthly activity and ROI reporting
  • More efficient use of internal resources
  • Expert MPS demand generation
  • Outsourced MPS sales force
  • Unified Message to end customers
  • Unified Message to resellers and dealers

Give us a call today! We would love to explain how our MPS Enablement programs can help the manufacturing community position more hardware, services, and supplies more often.

Taking a Strategic Approach to MPS Enablement

It’s no secret that we are currently in challenging times. With declining shipment levels and declining average selling prices, there needs to be a solution to help manufacturers return to profitable revenue levels and growth rates.

Managed Print Services is often heralded as the solution to the print industries’ challenges. In concept, it should be. However, execution is a completely different story. For manufacturers, MPS needs to be more than just grabbing supplies sales on existing aging fleets. It needs to be a comprehensive strategy that factors in significant pieces of a solution in order to be successful. It needs to be able to help customers with cost savings solutions, but also allow manufacturers to put new hardware into customer's environments sooner and more often.

Just some of the questions that keep OEM’s up at night around getting into the MPS industry…

  • - Are you going to develop your own MPS offering, or leverage MPS partners who are already in place?
  • - How are you going to raise awareness around your products?
  • - How will you show that they are a key component of a sound MPS Solution?
  • - Who is ultimately going to position your products in an MPS solution to a distributor, dealer or reseller?
  • - Ultimately who is going to position them to a business or organization leader?
  • - Are the people talking about your products trained experts in Managed Print Services?
  • - Do these people have other responsibilities and distractions?

While you are trying to answer the above questions, there needs to be logistical process design, MPS marketing, branding, training, demand generation activities, and actually getting MPS Sales Experts in front of the customers. Lots to do but where do you start? 

This is where we can come in to help.

Our team has significant experience in working with Value Added Resellers, Distributors, OEM’s, Dealers, and End Users. Combined we have spent thousands of hours in front of them and gotten to understand their unique challenges. By having a wide perspective on how each group’s goals are different, we bring a unique approach to helping everyone achieve their goals.

Manufacturers can benefit from partnering with us on the following services:

  • - Increased market share and mindshare awareness through channel MPS campaigns
  • - Dealer/Reseller MPS Training and Marketing Programs
  • - Expert level representation at trade shows, customer events, and public forums
  • - Development of specific proactive channel strategy
  • - Leverage existing OEM MFG programs into businesses not equipped to execute on them
  • - Channel integration of OEM programs for resellers and dealers
  • - Lead generation services to grow market share
  • - Proactive Call Campaign development and execution
  • - Channel Partner and MPS Program Management
  • - Detailed ROI and Business analytics on all activities and investments
  • - OEM Field Sales and Channel Partner engagement and MPS strategy development

If you are ready to get in the game, or already in the game and want to get better at it, give us a call. We are ready to help you get more than your share of the fast growing MPS marketplace!

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