MPS Action Plan

Looking for a quick overview of getting started?


Below you will find a simplified overview of some of the major points in a successfull Managed Print Services deployment.

  • Find MPS Specialist in your area
  • Schedule an initial consultation
  • Asses your print environment
  • Identify and contain costs
  • Understand MPS benefits
  • Secure internal organizational support
  • Automate supplies replenishment
  • Simplify fleet service call process
  • Properly allocate printing resources
  • Notice and track cost savings
  • Continous monitoring and improvement
  • Use free time elsewhere

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MPS for Business Owners and Organizational Leaders

Managed Print Services is the hottest topic to hit the world of printing since we were first able to print in color.  

So why is everyone talking about MPS? What exactly is Managed Print Services?


Designed to make your life simpler, Managed Print Services is a print management solution that lets you gain better visibility to and control of the unknown total costs of print supplies, hardware, and services in your environment. Typically this is done for a predictable monthly cost using an outsourced entity to manage some or all aspects of the solution. The most effective MPS solutions will analyze your current environment and automatically monitor ongoing document production and workflow. With this information, a collaborative MPS Partner will work with you to make process improvements that improve efficiencies in managing your fleet. Properly done, this will allow a business or organization to use their financial and human resources more effectively.


Some quick main benefits to an organization of a successfully implemented MPS program are:

  • - Cost savings though more efficient supplies procurement processes and optimized device utilization
  • - Simplified automated supplies replenishment where your printer alerts that it needs more toner or ink
  • - Having the best printing technology available in the most efficient manner
  • - Single point of contact for tech support or printer related service calls
  • - Freeing up time to spend on higher priority items


With the different available MPS offerings, there are usually two different types of categories of how MPS solutions are delivered. One is a manufacturer specific approach and the other is a manufacturer neutral approach. With our partners we don’t have a one size fits all approach to delivering you a solution. We give you a choice of options that will work best. Having options and not having to shop multiple different MPS providers gives you piece of mind and ultimately the most headache free solution for your environment.


When it comes to a sound Managed Print Strategy there is more to controlling your expenses than just a click charge, service bill, or cost of a printer. Considering most organizations spend 1-3% of their annual budget on printing, it is very important to identify where these costs are.  


Some of these unknown costs and benefits that a MPS Specialist can help you identify are:

  1. - Hidden costs in current MPS contracts
  2. - True cost of supplies
  3. - True costs of electrical consumption
  4. - True costs of processing multiple purchase orders and invoice payments
  5. - Excess service calls/costs on old or over used equipment
  6. - Environmentally responsible and cost effective printing practices
  7. - Minimizing service calls thru a single 800 service number for all support calls
  8. - Balanced deployment (using the right number and type of printers in the right locations)


As shown above, there are many significant hidden costs that many times may add up to be more than just the cost of supplies you use each year. A solid Print Management provider will help you identify where these unneeded costs exist within your organization and help design the right program for you with the industry’s leading manufacturers and service providers.


The Managed Print Services companies that we work with are experts in implementing MPS Solutions. They have each passed our rigorous qualification, certification, and authorization process. Please contact us today and we can get you in touch with one of our partners who have been successful in designing MPS solutions for your type of organization or business. . Contact Us Today! >>